Beadstrology™ is a creative way to combine the art of astrology with the craft of beading. In the process of stringing Beadstrology™ designs, you’ll come to understand your birth chart better — as your planets, signs, and houses literally take shape in your hands. Your finished pieces will look like a map of the heavens at the moment of your birth, as seen from the exact location of your birth.

With Beadstrology™ tutorials, you can make a 24-inch Beadstrology™ necklace or a Beadstrology™ bookmark in an hour or two. The instructions are simple enough for beginning beaders — and the results are sophisticated enough for any beading enthusiast.
Beadstrology™ tutorials are PDF documents, delivered electronically, so you can get started immediately. For ordering information, click here.
You’ll need a printed copy of your birth chart to make Beadstrology™ designs. Click here if you’d like to order a birth chart or a comprehensive astrological report.
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Beadstrology™ designs and tutorials were developed and written by Corrine Kenner, the author of Crystals for Beginners.