Beadstrology™ Workshops

If you happen to be in Minnesota, look for Beadstrology™ workshops at the Eye of Horus bookstore in Minneapolis.

Birth Time

To make a Beadstrology™ necklace, you’ll need a birth chart based on accurate data. You know your birth date and birth place, of course, but do you know the exact time of your birth? Check your birth certificate, because it could be listed there. If you can’t find your birth time, don’t worry; you can still make a Beadstrology™ necklace. Simply use noon or sunrise for your birth time.

Birth Charts

If you don’t have a birth chart, you can order one from me at (I offer comprehensive astrology reports, too, with detailed interpretations of all your signs, planets, and houses.)
Shortly after you order, I’ll calculate your chart and email you a PDF that looks like the example below. My charts are clean and easy to read, which makes them perfect for Beadstrology™ necklace design.

You can also have a birth chart calculated for free at Your result will look like this:

Astrological House System

If you practice astrology already and you have a house system that you like, use it.
For the purpose of jewelry design, I find that Koch and equal house systems are the most aesthetically pleasing.

Bead Selection

TIP #1. Gemstone beads are generally sold by the strand. If you want to save money on your design, look for a strand of multi-colored quartz stones and adapt the planetary assignments to the stones you have on hand.
TIP #2. When choosing beads to represent your planets, remember that larger beads will have more design impact than smaller ones. Smaller beads, however, will give you more flexibility and accuracy when it comes to replicating your birth chart.
TIP #3. Don’t stress out about being accurate down to the smallest degree. Simply eyeball the planets in your chart, and space the beads in each house the best you can.